Women’s Leadership LIVE

The Founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE, Linda McMahon, Stacey Schieffelin and Debbie Saviano each built their own successful companies. They represent business success at the multi-million and billion dollar levels in the product, service, entertainment and media industries. Their businesses have adapted to new technologies and are international in scope with hundreds of employees and millions of customers, clients and B2B partners. Their lives demonstrate an understanding of work/life balance that includes family, community service, self-improvement and self-care that is of paramount importance for women.

The Founders have dedicated their energies, talents and passion to create a place ensuring that the stories of women – their courage, compassion, complexity, and humor – are embodied in one empowering place – a place that will make a difference in other women’s lives – Women’s Leadership LIVE.

Stacey Schieffelin

Stacey Schieffelin is a Co-Founder of Women’s Leadership LIVE, Founder of ybf (your best friend) beauty, LLC, Models Prefer Beauty and is one of six HSN Star Entrepreneurs! She has engineered a 24-year record of success owning some of the greatest global cosmetic brands in direct sales on eight LIVE TV networks in twenty-eight countries, HSN (US), QVC (UK: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), TSC (Canada), TVSN (Australia, New Zealand), HSE24 (Italy), HSE24 (Germany, Austria), Citruss TV (Dubai & 7 United Arab Emirate States) and Shopping LIVE (Russia) with over $350 million in cosmetic sales. Stacey is known for forging a highly personal relationship with her millions of girlfriends/consumers and as a successful market disruptive business leader, deeply soulful, entrepreneur-centric and renowned beauty expert. She is a TEDx speaker, mentor, media trainer, contributing author, spokesperson, keynote speaker, and is frequently sought out by national magazines such as Allure, ELLE, Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire, Where Women Create Work and Vogue.

Schieffelin began her career as an international model before becoming a beauty expert and businesswoman. With FORD Models in NYC for over 20 years and 15 additional global agencies, she graced many fashion covers, worked alongside famous French, Italian, British and USA designers as their muse, and walked the catwalks of Paris, Milan, Rome, London and NYC.

Today, Stacey is an award-winning business creator driving economic development by being of service to other passionate entrepreneurs and creators of customer solution products. She and the WLL Team guide individuals to realize, ignite, power and sustain their goals. And in our ever changing and competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that everyone maximizes all available marketing platforms that assist illuminating women and enlightening men in accomplishing their personal and professional goals. Stacey and the Women’s Leadership LIVE team, coach entrepreneurs on how to take full advantage of doing just that by using television, print, radio, social media and digital e-commerce outlets to achieve their beYOUtiful dreams!

Stacey and her Women’s Leadership LIVE respected partner Debbie Saviano, a highly sought-after social media strategist, are both thrilled to announce the launch of their two new brand extensions: Queen Beauty South that empowers young women and WHERE WOMEN CREATE WORK Magazine – a collaboration with their expert friend, creator and Editor-in-Chief Jo Packham!

Debbie Saviano represents those who after a successful career, transition into something new and in her case it was Social Media. Debbie comes from the world of academia, serving as principal of five different campuses with students in pre-K to High School. As an administrator, Debbie was recognized as a leader who always put students first and was a champion for interdisciplinary education.

Her passion for education and life-long learning is ever present as one of the three Founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL). Debbie views WLL as a guiding force and proponent of women which offers a unique platform in how it educates and inspires women to launch and expand their own businesses by taking their product to market. Debbie continues to educate and train others on the power of Social Media, through speaking, courses and publications. Debbie offers guidance on the power of the contemporary ROI – Return on INFLUENCE. She believes that life is a combination of physical and virtual space and Social Media should be utilized with the intention to build and maintain relationships.

Debbie Saviano