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Whether it’s art, music, written works, or choreographed dances, extraordinary women know that the process of creating is as important as what ultimately gets created. That is why extraordinary women pay attention to the details of their work spaces… making sure that they surround themselves with visually stimulating inspiration and unique organizational systems. WHERE WOMEN CREATE invites you into the creative spaces of the most extraordinary women of our time. Through stunning photography and inspirational stories, each issue of this bi-monthly magazine will nourish souls and motivate creative processes.

WHERE WOMEN CREATE, Inspiring Workspaces of Extraordinary Women, was launched in 2009 and was one of the most successful titles in its category in all major book stores, all major craft and hobby chains, as well the big box chain stores. WHERE WOMEN CREATE has now been redesigned to better tell the stories and share the spaces of artisans from around the world.

WHAT WOMEN CREATE is the newest quarterly publication in the WWC Series. Complimenting WHERE WOMEN CREATE, WHERE WOMEN COOK, and WHERE WOMEN WORK this issue is all about WHAT inspires these women and what is eventually created by their hands … whether it be handmade arrows the skills of which were taught to them by their father, calligraphy mastered through endless hours of perfected practice, or a delicious and nourishing meal grown and gathered from their own or a community garden.

The photography is stunning and the stories are written in first person so the reader can envision themselves sitting at the kitchen table being inspired by the imagination of and celebrating the courage and tenacity of each of these women who teach all of us that we, too, can create that which comes from our very soul, that which is seen through our eyes, and that which is made by our own hands.

WHERE WOMEN WORK is an invaluable guide for every woman business owner – from those just starting out to the experienced artisan entrepreneur.Through advice columns and in-depth feature articles, WORK offers a multitude of knowledge and inspiration to women with a passion for success.

In addition to the breathtaking photography and illuminating stories you have come to expect from Where Women Create, each feature in this groundbreaking publication provides a tangible and qualified takeaway that readers and professional-minded people of all levels can apply to their own businesses — from tips for taking dynamic close-up product shots, to how to get the most out of your social media campaigns, to how to price your goods and pay your employees.

Successful entrepreneurs can all learn from each other regardless of their category or business model. We each face the same problems, have the same goals, and often need advice from someone who is “living the dream” and trying to make it all work as well as have a family and a personal life.

For the beauty, content, and magnificent design of the 4 WWC magazines, Mr. Magazine™ included all four of the titles (counted as one entry) into this Baker’s Dozen of fantastic new publications for the HOTTEST LAUNCHED MAGAZINE of 2018. On February 2019, WWC WORK was honored by Samir Husni – Mr. Magazine – and the MPA – the Association of Magazine Media – the HOTTEST MAGAZINE LAUNCHED in 2018. WORK was selected as #1 out of over 700 publications launched in 2018.

WHERE WOMEN COOK, a quarterly magazine from the publishers of Where Women Create takes you into the heart of the home — the kitchen.

WHERE WOMEN COOK is all about women from around the world … some famous, some not; some entrepreneurs, some not; some vegetarian, some not; some in beautiful kitchens, some not; and some who create their own recipes, and some who do not … but all who are passionate about all things food.

WHERE WOMEN COOK is a magazine for all of us and for each of us created by the women who inspire us.